Kaliber precisie 1 µm

We offer the following optical components and processes 

Glass machining :

We have different machines to cut, saw, mill, drill, and polish flat and curved glass components
Products are among others special lenses, prisms, wedges, rods …

Thin film coating : Vacuum evaporation and sputtering

Advanced technology of thin film coating designed for optics or electrotechnics.
Standard used substrate for depositing are float glass, borosilicate glass and various kinds of optical glass up to the diameter of approx. 200 mm. Please contact us for the use of other materials and larger sizes.
It is possible to optimise the film for the visible spectrum and adjacent wavelengths.

- Used technologies :

Vacuum evaporation of metallic (Cr, CrNi, Ag) and dielectric layers (MgF2, SiO2,Cr2O3, CeO2).
Sputtering of Cr, Al, Ti, Ta, Pt, Au

- Applications :

Antireflective layers :

Wide band 6-layer antireflection -6AR.
Double layer V antireflection -2AR.
Simple antireflection layer MgF2 -1AR2 -1AR.

Metallic reflective layers :

Reflective layer Al.
Reflective layer Al covered with protective layer of SiO2 or MgF2.
Reflective layer Ag covered with protective layer SiO2 or MgF2.
Chromium Layer (Cr)

Other metallic layers :

Chrome layer.
Chrome layer wiht reduced reflection.
Chrome-nikcel layer.
Other layers : Ti, Ta, Pt

Photolithography :

Our product range is based on the application of a photolithographic process to manufacure the components. This usually involves etching a motif in a thin chrome layer that was coated beforehand on a glass substrate.

For new products it is necessary to make a master, which involves a starup cost.

Advantages of this process :

- High differentiability
- Precise size and position
- High edge definition
- High layer resistance